יום חמישי, 22 בנובמבר 2012

CALL post #1

I read the introduction of the course, which sets the course as very appealing and interesting.
It seems like it'll be great and productive on-line course for the students who'll do it later as a group.
Still, I anticipate to learn new things about the media (?) and technology. I must say that sometimes I rather not to know too much because otherwise I feel lost. Meaning, I know that the technology offers unlimited options for research and exploring but one cannot see the wood for the trees (is this used correctly?). Anyway, I'm sure I'll gain a lot out of this course and enrich my technological knowledge.  

תגובה 1:

  1. Well, I see you are managing for the time being.

    Hopefully you will indeed learn a lot.

    There might be a danger of getting lost in this course due to information overload but remember, you do NOT have to check out everything. When we start exploring different tools your weekly task will be to explore only ONE tool. All the others are there to know about and look at but always concentrate on only one. That will keep you focused (hopefully).