יום שני, 21 בנובמבר 2011

I continue to wonder about this whole blog thing.
Why would a person want other people to read things that he or she thinks?
Who do they think care about the stuff that they write?

I read an article  in one of the newspapers this week (I don't remember which one) about the unexplained phenomenon of people all around the globe that like to write in expansion about their lives, their hobbies, and their political point of view and so on. Now let me tell you what I think: If you are not a famous person, if you didn't do anything extraordinary in your life, then why would I or anybody else would want to read what you have in mind? Don't get me wrong, I am one of those ordinary people that don't have anything new to report of.

However, since I write this blog as an assignment I don't care criticize this platform.

What is so important to people to tweet or to post in their blog or in their face (book) several times a day? What is all about?

People from all around the world want to prove to themselves that they are interesting, remarkable creatures. People make contests against others whether they have to largest amount of (virtual) friends. It doesn't make sense to me. I had Facebook account once, for a whole year (!) then, I realized that I don't care reading what people write about themselves. It gave me back at least one hour in a day. The time that people waste on presenting themselves to broader crowd is tiring. I am not naive or hypocrite, I waste my time in other ways that include surfing the net, check out my email four times a day, and watch movies and so on. However, I don't share thoughts (even if they are common) with others using the net. When I have things to say, I simply go the person that I want to hear me. Simple as that. Perhaps it's a result of pressure, of how people will react to things that I write, if they will. We tend to enthuse when people comment on things we say because that means we worth something. With that, we tend to be offended if no one pays attention to us. This is, indeed, human nature. I think, in the meantime, I will clear the stage to other people (how noble) that want to share their thoughts with everyone. And I know that once I'll regret, I'll have many options and platforms to express my opinions and share them with the rest of you.

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